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How can we help you to put Our Planet First?

Samsung Repairs
  • Repair

By 2021 electronic waste is expected to reach over 50 million metric tonnes. 

The UK is the 2nd worst e-waste producer in the world. We can repair Samsung devices with almost any fault. This ensure the device lasts longer and prevents them from going to landfill. 

Reuse Our Planet First
  • Reuse

Help the environment by taking advantage of one of the ‘trade in’ programmes that are available.

Instead of sending your device to landfill, trade it in to receive cash!

Recycle Our Planet First
  • Recycle

Over 85% of all e-waste ends up in landfill and equals 70% of overall toxic waste. 

As a last resort, if we can’t repair or reuse devices, then we recycle the parts. Components are separated so any good ones can be reused and faulty ones are disposed of using environmentally friendly methods.

Samsung Repairs #OurPlanetFirst

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Whale - Our Planet First
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Infographic - Our Planet First
Infographic - Our Planet First
Infographic - Our Planet First
Infographic - Our Planet First