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Samsung Galaxy S10 Repairs


To get your IMEI, dial *#06# and the IMEI will be displayed on your screen or alternatively, you maybe able to see the IMEI or Serial number on back of your device.

Popular Samsung Galaxy S10 Repairs

If you have unfortunately managed to smash or crack the screen as well as the back glass of your device then let us help you. We will replace your screen and back glass with official Samsung replacement parts.

If you have unfortunately managed to smash or crack your phones screen then let us help you. We will replace your screen with an official Samsung replacement.

If you have unfortunately managed to smash or crack the back of your device then let us help you. We will replace your back glass with an official Samsung replacement.

Have you cracked your rear camera lense? Do you know for certain that your rear camera isn’t behaving correctly? We can replace your rear camera with an official Samsung replacement.

If your front camera not focusing correctly whilst you are taking a selfie? Or if you know that it isn’t working like normal, then we can help to replace the front camera on your device. 

Is your battery is draining faster than it used to? Or if your battery is not charging as fast as you would like, let us help you by replacing your battery with a new one. All parts are replaced with official Samsung replacement. 

Does your device not charge as fast as normal? Or are you left finding that perfect charging angle daily? Arrange to get your charging port repaired with us and see your charging problems disappear.

If  you are experiencing any issues with your front/rear camera, your device is playing up and you can’t fix it. You can send it to us and we will diagnose the problem and provide you with a repair quote.



The Galaxy S10 features a 6.1″ curved edge screen with an Ultrasonic Fingerprint Scanner to enhance security. With a front camera and 3 rear cameras, the Samsung Galaxy S10 captures every angle of every moment, just as you see it, adapting to the light.

Samsung Galaxy S10 Repairs

As one of Samsung’s official repair partners we offer many S10 repairs using genuine Samsung parts. This means that we can guarantee the quality of our work to Samsung’s high standards. Additionally, any remaining balance of the warranty will be reinstated after the repair has been completed.

Repairs include front and back glass screen replacement, repairs to the front and rear camera, battery and charging port replacement. It doesn’t matter what repairs you require, contact us to find out how we will be able to assist you.

Are you looking for Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus screen replacement or  S10e battery replacement?

Looking For Accessories?

You can purchase genuine accessories direct from Samsung.


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